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Watch Zapped Online Free at Couch-tuner.BZ, Brian Weaver, an online data marketing assistant (even he doesn’t know what that is) finds himself abruptly transported to a parallel world. Fortunately, there’s a pub. There he meets the owner, Herman (a former warrior) plus a handful of regulars: Barbara (a hopeless soothsayer), Steg (an armchair revolutionary) and Howell (a brain-fried Wizard). Brian is desperate to get home, and his new acquaintances are no help at all. Instead he finds himself being sucked into a world he doesn’t understand, full of psychopathic Fairies, Shell Men, seductive Demi-Fins, vicious Throcks and the frighteningly unpredictable side-effects of Howell’s magical powers. It’s even worse than being an online data marketing assistant.

Episode List

Zapped Season 3

Zapped Season 3 Episode 1

Zapped Season 2

Zapped Season 2 Episode 6
Zapped Season 2 Episode 5
Zapped Season 2 Episode 4
Zapped Season 2 Episode 3

Zapped Season 1

Zapped Season 2 Episode 2
Zapped Season 1 Episode 4
Zapped Season 2 Episode 1
Zapped Season 1 Episode 3
Zapped Season 1 Episode 2
Zapped Season 1 Episode 1